Design limits

We are part of the animal kingdom (social primates) and therefore we need to understand our limitations and however we design our political economy it needs to go with the grain of our natures.

We also have to recognise that in groups "natural" leaders will emerge (there is hierarchy in primates) but also that the so called power distance between a silver-back and the other members of the group are actually very small compared to the ones we tolerate. We draw strength from groups, we are not solitary pursuers of our own self interests.

It is inevitable that we will keep on inventing and making things, therefore we a need a culture that allows us to exercise the necessary self-control.


Rulers like to rule. Most likely they will revert to coercion if the tide of opinion turns without a clearly articulated alternative and without the alternative many will be persuaded by populism & demagoguery.

How do we make progress?

Making valid observations does not bring them about. Power has to be used and confronted if progress is going to be made. The new politics does not flinch from this challenge and it is dealt with at length in the sections on strategy and tactics; this site is, after all about the theory and practice of a new politics.

My biggest challenge is to those who want to be progressive politicians. If they want a better world (I take that to mean one that is fairer, less competitive and allows everyone the opportunity to meet their potential) then my demand of them is unequivocal; practice what you preach, and lead by example. In business terminology - stick to the knitting. In this case that means sticking to the story (of cooperation and collaboration involving all citizens as a right of citizenship) even whilst negotiating with opponents in the ruling elite (Varoufarkis) . To do other is to invite dismissal as a hypocrite. This is is one of the things that a new politics has to address, it does so in a different way.

See Part 4 Act which covers Strategy and Tactics