I am calling it a book even though it is a web-site. The point is that it does not have to be read sequentially; I have tried to signpost and use links in such a way that the reader can explore the content.

This site developed from an attempt to write a book. I think the web-site format suits the the material, it allows for searching, easy cross referencing and supports non-sequential reading. This is the initial published version - a soft launch on Facebook and LinkedIn with links to this eBook. 


I am Brian Fish. In 1983, as a young idealist I stood for election in Peterborough and was soundly defeated. At the time of that defeat I realised that "the left" would be out of it for years. Little did I realise how long that would be. It is only now since 2008 (the financial crash) and 2016 (Brexit and Trump) that ideas and possibilities are again in flux -  but time is short.