I am calling it a book even though it is a web-site. The point is that it does not have to be read sequentially; I have tried to signpost and use links in such a way that the reader can explore the content.

Menus - The top menu points to data about the ebook and the main Contents menu is on the left - this is what you'd expect to find at the start of a book

Sub-menus - To stop the main table of contents becoming overlong I have created contextual sub-menus; these appear under the main table of contents when there are more articles. Thus in Section 2 Assess there are three additional tables of contents Timeline, Vision and Examples of What good looks like. On the page for Part 2 all appear; within any of these sections only the relevant one appears. 

Diagrams - I have created a pictorial Overview of the content; this shows how the argument for holistic political economy proceeds from first principles to the firm proposals in the Tactics section of Part 4. I have taken the slice of the Overview Diagram for each of the major sections: Part 1 Review, Part 2 Assess, Part 3 Consider and Part 4 Act, and use these as diagrams for the introductions to each part. 

Map Pin Markers - All the diagrams that signpost the argument contain hotspots, the presence of a hotspot indicated by the map pin marker. Where I have used diagrams just to illustrate the text - if there are no map pin markers then there are no hotspots. Where there is a map pin marker you can hover on it to bring up a popup window. Within the popup window is some summary text.

Green Titles are Links - When articles are listed the summary text is displayed, reading all the summary texts will give you an introduction to the line of argument that builds the case. A similar approach can be gained from using the Table of Contents and reading the article summaries. Clicking on a green title will take you to the full article - the title will now be black. Some longer articles have pop up sub-menus.

Notes are also pop-ups - Where popups occur they may contain links as well as text. The links are indicated by green text. Using the links will take you to an article of that title. This means you can explore the book using either the table of contents or the diagrams as you prefer.

Part 1The Human Activity System - Within Part 1 Review all the the discussion is anchored in the diagram of the Human Activity System - the same diagram drives both the description of the system and its implications - the diagram is the same but the popup text is not. 

You are here - There is a context based list of the route to the page you are on (aka breadcrumb trail) just below the top menu.