It is said we need a better approach to political economy. Therefore;

(1) what would a realistic alternative political economy look like?

(2) being better, how can we go about creating it?


In Part 1 Review and Part 2 Assess I address question 1.

The Human Activity System (HAS) I describe is an overall conceptual framework for understanding human behaviour. The framework can be used to look at the past, present and future, to explain our place in the universe; our common story. By extracting political implications, it can be a foundation for envisioning a different political economy. It supports the search for examples of what does good look like.

In Part 3 Consider and Part 4 Act I address question 2

Working out how to bring about a different political economy as big a challenge as devising the alternative. There big issues are power and change. By contrasting the alternative vision to current politics in a gap analysis strategies and tactics can be developed.


The work leads to a series of hypotheses in 3 areas;

1. Looking at humans and our history through the lens of HAS

2. The values that shape our approach to practical politics

3. Looking at change and power, the practicalities of politics