A conventional critique can be found here which contains corporate governance proposals but states; 'until such a framework is widely adopted and in the absence of legislation, it is unlikely that there will be any significant decrease in activism."


Hiding in plain sight is something that reveals the unsavoury side of modern capitalism. This is just one example, there are many others. It claims to be able to get information that is not in the public domain, for those seeking takeovers boasting that its service, "uses industry contacts to provide proprietary information to our subscribers of The Deal’s Activist Service...to ...uncover companies that may be activist targets in the future" My italics, this may not be insider information, as strictly defined in law, but it seems, to me, to be sailing very close to the wind.


Preface - Why change is needed

Fritjof Capra and Pier Luigi Luisi, The Systems View of Life, A Unifying Vision, Cambridge University Press 2014, Preface. Bibliography

Preface - A New Political Economy?

Lean as a prefix as in Lean Manufacturing or Lean Logistics. This is a widely used term in business. Its origins go back to the Toyota practice also referred to as Kanban. In this process a demand request (a Kanban card) is sent to the supplier to deliver a new shipment as material is used up. The idea is to pull material through the supply chain as parts are used, it is the alternative to carrying a large buffer stock and/or trying to forecast demand. This is also referred to as just-in-time. In its widest sense it has come to mean the ethos and systems in the workplace that make such processes work. 

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Preface - Why Change is Needed

The shoal of fishes in the shape of shark, about to eat a shark is based on a cartoon I saw years ago in a training session. It can represent the need for and success of collective action, or the assertion of the 99% against the 1%, it is also a dad joke on my name.

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I use the Yin-Yang Taoist symbol because it represents the duality and dynamic tension between opposites. I have chosen to use it because I am trying to capture and understand a truth (that we thrive as social animals who cooperate) but not preaching the truth (because we also obviously do compete). What I do insist on is the equal validity of this cooperative truth as an alternative to the uncritical acceptance of competition, individualism and winner take all.

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