Strictly that should be myths. It is possible to view the fall, and expulsion from the garden of Eden is a myth linked to what used to be called the Neolithic Revolution but is now seen as a gradual and more tentative process. When we took up agriculture, a life of toil, and left behind the freedom of hunter gathering i.e. being in the garden. James C Scott, Against the Grain - covers this briefly in his introduction - Bibliography

See also; Russian archaeology at which looks at the process including "Third, it is argued that some hunter-gatherers did not adopt agriculture owing to their values, beliefs and institutions"

The Transition Between Hunting and Gathering and the Specialized Husbandry of Resources: A Socio-ecological Approach, Robert Layton, Robert Foley, Elizabeth Williams, Claudia Chang, Tim Ingold, Deborah I. Olszewski, Michael Rosenberg, M. Steven Shackley, Eric A. Smith and Marek Zvelebil, Current Anthropology Vol. 32, No. 3 (Jun., 1991), pp. 255-274, is a wide ranging article, including "cases of mixed economies and reversions to hunting and gathering by people who previously practiced herding and cultivation"

Appendices - Systems; An Overview - Human Systems