Vision - Holistic Political Economy

Building on systems thinking and knowledge, we can see that the collective, collaborative and co-operative aspects of human nature are just as important as our ability to compete and fight. Holistic Political Economy looks for a co-operative way to manage our way through peak population where there will be massive pressure on resources, as the rest of the world catches up. In the face of this challenge it chooses to try to build a culture of joint endeavour by nurturing and encouraging people to fulfil their potential. It tries to create virtuous circles, it insists on civic equality. It has structures to root the process of decision-making and problem solving in collective action free (insulated) from special interests.  In short the holistic political economy provides the resources for all citizens to achieve their potential within sustainable global limits.

In political discourse this change will be seen in greater participation, larger numbers of politicians willing to think and act independently and increased cross party cooperation. In the executive the emphasis will be on good governance with public oversight. Exactly how this can be brought about is the subject of the next two sections – Consider and Act.