Tactics for the initiation stage by each area of activity. All but two of these are modest. The two firm proposals will be a challenge and given my age, time and energy I am looking for as much help as I can get with them. If the arguments so far have been inspiring and convincing who knows?

Political activity and mobilisation

  • Complete this e-book and do a launch – look for supporters and collaborators
  • Inaugurate The HoPE Associationsee Organisation
  • Inaugurate the not for profit that will host and develop HoPEediasee Information

Because my professional career was project manager and business consultant I think of the last two in this way:

  • With HoPEdia we will have created the database that would be useful to everyone who is actively seeking to to bring a holistic political economy into effect
  • Through The HoPE Association we will have the created a Project Office, a group who will do the staff work needed to support the transformation: the learning of lessons, sharing of best practice and monitoring of progress. This is a new form of political organisation unlike any we have had before. Its mission is to bring about a transformation of society and it focusses on that, every activity it undertakes is a balancing of means against that end. This is neither a party nor a revolutionary group, it is something new, its is the servant of the movement, its overriding ethic and mode of operation is facilitation.

Ideas and policy formation

  • Spread the word – educate, inform and inspire people, holistic political economy is possible
  • Working groups that are open to anyone, these should actively go out and canvass ideas to develop specific proposals for the first set of baby steps
  • Identify support within existing political parties - see which policies they are willing to adopt

Democratic practice and institutions

  • Review theory and practice of Sortition (experiments have been done in various places) and decide candidate areas for trials (1a)
  • Review local government powers and form a view on further decentralisation/accountability (1b)
  • Develop metrics needed to measure progress

My dream (or using the jargon, a stretch target and a success factor) is that by the time the Spread Phase is reached there will be a movement as vociferous and ambitious as the campaigns for the Great Reform Bills of the c19th emerging from the work on democratic practice and institutions.

Economic change and business development

  • Build links to the current practitioners of what good looks like, find out what they need to thrive, how the playing field can be levelled in favour of cooperative and small enterprises
  • Plug into all work being done on the theory and practice for sustainable economy
  • Develop the metrics needed to measure progress