Within articles, notes are indicated by a word in brackets in bold type. Hovering on them in the articles will bring up the note in a popup window. This is a listing of all the notes embedded in the text of articles alphabetically by section. 

I have adopted the convention of using the authors name rather than a number. If I am making several references to one book I will add the page number or chapter that is relevant, thus (Hands), and (Hands Ch11). If I am using more than one book or paper by the same author I will add a one word version of the title, thus (Diamond, Chimpanzee) and (Diamond Collapse). Where I have made a comment or an aside I have used the prefix Note and added a short phrase to signpost the content, thus (Note: Adapted from Porter).

I have also included

  • A link to the article the note appears in, these are irrelevant for the in-situ popup but if you are looking at the notes via the notes section you can always get to the article in which they appear
  • For books and papers I have read or consulted, a link to the Bibliography. There are some notes that contain references to books which do not appear in the Bibliography, this is the case when they are cited in the source I have used or quoted but where I have not consulted that book directly myself

In some cases where where it is possible to run a modal (running another site in a frame) and/or where there is no need for additional comments I leave the url in the article. Links of this type are indicated by green text.