How does HoPEdia relate to The HoPE Association?

In the previous article I described the need to get organised and proposed The HoPE Association which would have a resource base to capture and curate best practice as well as undertake research, and education and training.

Both are needed and they are separate, different things. Not only does this keep it simple and focused, it also means one could struggle and the other thrive;

  • HoPEdia is a big and hairy beast that needs a dedicated effort with lots of technical complexity
  • The HoPE Association is a people thing and can live with its own simple site that can be developed with an off-the-shelf template.

HoPEdia would contain an entry for The Hope Association and HoPEdia would have a link to The HoPE Association site. The Foundation that build and runs HoPEdia would be affiliated to the Hope Association as they have some shared objectives. Being a contributor to HoPEdia may as a default, give associate membership of The HoPE Association but we’d have to recognise that some organisations may wish to opt-out and remain totally a-political even though listed.

Both HoPEdia and The HoPE Association will grow and evolve along with holistic political economy, they could start out separate and eventually merge, or not, since neither exists yet, job one is to get them up and running.