An organisation is needed but this will not be a conventional political party, rather it will be an association of like-minded people who are (in the language of the networked economy) loosely coupled. The organisation will act in ways that align with the core values of holistic political economy to be an exemplar of the changes that are proposed.

Aims and Objectives for the HoPE Association

The vision of holistic political economy can be summarised and translated into the aims of the association as follows:

To act as a catalyst for the creation of a holistic political economy where all citizens are able to develop to their full potential within sustainable global limits. To bring this about by working towards a political economy in which the state is the property of its citizens and operates for their benefit.

This requires;

  1. The transformation of politics from a competition to control the state, into a collaboration to achieve good governance
    1. With the maximum workable participation by as many citizens as possible, extending and introducing new forms of representation
    2. The greatest practical decentralisation of power balancing the need for wider planning with local participation
  2. The transformation of the economy from a winner takes all game aimed at maximising shareholder returns into an endeavour to increase the commonwealth
    1. Supporting the creation of long-term value through investment and innovation in sustainable business models
    2. Insisting on responsible and accountable forms of organisation and ownership, supplemented by employees and external stakeholders on boards of management

 Additional organisational aims should be;

  • To undertake activities that will help bring a holistic political economy into being
  • To ensure that the way it and its members behave are designed both to advance its long-term vision and values and to demonstrate them in action by acting as exemplars of what it advocates
  • To develop activities applicable to the stage of development that has been reached, so activities, at this stage, are going to be directed towards the initiation phase as described in baby steps.
  • In the pursuit of these aims the members of the association will act collectively, supporting and respecting each other and have a good time doing it.